Katherine Meyer, Artist - Charcoal Drawings from Nature
Trees Above the WaterSun Overtaken by CloudsTree TrunksAlong the Brackish StreamInto the FogLines of RocksIn the WoodsOut to SeaPale IslandEdge of the IslandFog on the IslandClose RocksThrough the WoodsBefore the Light Goes OutRocksThe Water's Over ThereLookout
InteriorSelf-PortraitWaves from the TideDark Trees in the WindCreek Out of the Woods
Norton Island Artist Residency
The Eastern Frontier Society is an artists' colony that nurtures writers and visual artists on this remote island, whose only inhabitants were Steve Dunn the director, Ester the marvelous cook, 8 writers, 2 artists, and the bald eagles and other wild things. 2014 was my fourth time (I'm so lucky!). Every day, besides drawing for hours, I would walk around the island's perimeter, either on the rocks by the ocean or on the trail skirting the untouched forest of the interior. This kind of place is so visually inspiring, that back in Oakland I will be able to work on images from the island for months.